Food & Beverage

Hydraulic equipment is relied upon throughout the food & beverage industry. Hydraulics are used for everything from manufacturing, to packaging, to delivery. For manufacturing and packaging processes, food-grade components are used to reduce the possibility of contamination. Delivery relies on more rugged hydraulic components which can withstand repeated and long-term use.

Food & Beverage

One thing food, beverages, and hydraulics all have in common is the need for cleanliness. Contamination isn’t an option, and that’s why hydraulic components, such as hydraulic cylinders, can be manufactured out of stainless steel. And not only do these components need to be sanitary, they also need to be able to function under a wide variety of conditions, such as high temperatures, pressures, and speeds.

Food grade hydraulics are also important for pumping food grade oils from the point of manufacturing to the point of packaging for distribution. Along with food grade hydraulic components, pneumatics are also prominently featured within the food & beverage industry. Both hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and nozzles can be used to clean food manufacturing and processing equipment.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Machinery Maintenance & Repair

Just one breakdown can shut down a large portion of your supply chain, whether it’s in the manufacturing, processing, packaging, or delivery sector. And you probably don’t need us to tell you that this unexpected downtime can be extremely costly. Both your equipment and employees will have to stop working, which leads to lost revenue.

However, the majority of unexpected downtime due to hydraulic or pneumatic component failures can be avoided by implementing a simple preventative maintenance plan. At MAC Hydraulics, we work with you to develop a plan which is the perfect fit for your equipment and your needs. Our maintenance professionals know what stresses to look for in the system to determine when a part needs to be replaced, and if needed, they’ll replace it before a failure occurs. But failures will still inevitably happen, and that’s why we also offer exceptional on-site repair services. If your equipment breaks down, you can either bring the affected component to us, or we’ll come to you with our mobile repair unit.