Line Boring

When it comes to hydraulic machinery, the hydraulics themselves are not the only components that can be damaged due to wear. Over time, load-bearing bores can wear and eventually fail. Such failures are commonly repaired on-site with the use of portable bore welding and line boring tools.

Construction Equipment Line Boring

Construction equipment is among the most common hydraulic equipment to require line boring repairs. Such heavy machinery often experiences high levels of stress on bored joints that can cause them to fail. The fact that much of this equipment is often left out in the elements does not help. Once the outer coating of paint has been chipped, rust can form around key load-bearing points.

Bore welding and line boring can be used to repair breaks and enlarge and realign existing, damaged boreholes. For heavy equipment, on-site line boring is an economical repair option because it means you do not have to bring that equipment to a repair shop. On-site repairs for such equipment is often quicker, resulting in less downtime and lost revenue.

Hydraulic Machinery Line Boring & Repair

At MAC Hydraulics, we make use of SPR York portable line boring machines to repair your equipment on-site. This tool can bore holes with diameters from 3” – 24”. It also has up to 351 ft. lbs. of torque at the bar, allowing it to cut through heavy materials easily. By using portable tools such as this, we can often avoid major disassembly of your heavy equipment, making the repairs even faster and less costly.