MAC Hydraulics’ machine shop is staffed by skilled craftsmen with extensive experience in the specialty of hydraulic component machining. By combining industry-leading skills with our comprehensive range of in-stock materials, we are able to offer you top-quality repairs with the fastest turnaround times in the business.

At MAC Hydraulics, we understand the nuances of machining different materials (both metals and polymers), including aspects such as:

  • Speed and feed
  • Appropriate use of cutting fluid
  • The correct selection of cutting tools
  • Planning the optimum tool path to minimize machine time

Our technicians use everything from milling machines and lathes to basic, but indispensable equipment such as metal cutting saws, lapping tables, and drills. We work with the CAD-CAM and CNC equipment to fabricate parts from scratch and even reverse-engineer replacement parts that are no longer available.

Fast & Reliable Machining Services for Your Hydraulic Equipment

Time is of the essence, so we have mastered the most effective techniques to achieve the best quality and precision without sacrificing speed. Whether we’re building custom hydraulic cylinders, resurfacing key components in a hydraulic motor, or repairing damaged ports on a hydraulic pump, our technicians have both the equipment and skills to do the job correctly and efficiently.

We also recognize the importance of process planning for part production. Even the simplest parts usually involve multiple procedures before they meet specifications. Our craftsmen have access to all necessary tools, including precision micrometers, calipers, and optical inspection equipment to check the progress of parts as they go through various processes.

We Are Ready When You Need Us

Skilled technicians and the required equipment can’t replace a consistently well-stocked reserve of essential materials. That’s why MAC Hydraulics has a comprehensive collection of common supplies used in the hydraulics industry which equals faster turnaround times for our clients. We keep on hand the most common sizes and shapes needed.

Finished parts are inspected to ensure they meet all specifications, including dimensions, flatness, surface finish, and concentricity. Our job isn’t finished until the final part meets these specs and is ready for service.