Design & Build Custom Power Units

Hydraulic power units (HPUs) are used in many different industries. They include interacting components such as pumps, hydraulic motors, valves, gauges, filters, hoses, fluid reservoirs, fittings, and a structural system to hold them in place. Other items may include heat exchangers, manifolds, pressure switches, relief valves, and more.

Design & Build Custom Hydraulic Power Units

At MAC Hydraulics, we are not limited to the maintenance and repair of hydraulic systems. We can provide our customers with custom hydraulic power units (HPUs) designed for their unique requirements and specifications. Our technical department works with customers to determine key characteristics needed such as flow range, operating pressure range, overall size and shape constraints, filtration needs, power consumption, safety concerns, and NFPA or PIC design compliance.

With our state-of-the-art facility, our talented craftsmen use engineered designs to create the custom power units. Only after careful calibration and performance testing are the customized power units delivered to the client. Once there, our technicians will assist in the setup and integration of the HPUs, whether their design is vertical, L-shaped, horizontal, or portable.

Preventative Maintenance for Hydraulic Power Units

MAC Hydraulics also offers onsite maintenance services that include fluid changes, filter changes, oil sampling and analysis, hose inspection, and other key preventative maintenance tasks. In the event that an HPU breaks down, whether it is one of our custom models or not, our technicians can provide emergency troubleshooting and repair services to minimize the downtime involved. Repairs can usually be accomplished onsite, and our service trucks carry the necessary tools and common replacement parts so that the repair time is kept at a minimum.

Having the right equipment for the job increases overall performance and reduces operational costs. While a customized HPU might appear cost prohibitive, MAC Hydraulics can create one that will save money and significantly increase the efficiency and performance for your unique application. Contact MAC Hydraulics for all your design and custom power unit needs.