Pulp & Paper

Hydraulic machinery is used in many different processes of the pulp and paper industry, and includes equipment like calenders, press rolls, winders, coaters, digesters, and stock washers. Processes such as shredding, compaction, baling, and conveying all involve hydraulics.

Pulp & Paper Hydraulic Equipment

Whether your company relies on state of the art equipment or older machinery, break downs of hydraulic equipment are inevitable. Therefore, hydraulic systems should be maintained with periodic inspections, fluid and filter replacements, and fluid level checks at a minimum. MAC Hydraulics understands how critical it is to minimize potential failures and to restore power in the event of a breakdown.

First, we offer on-site preventative maintenance services for hydraulic equipment in the pulp and paper industry. Our preventative maintenance programs are customized to fit the needs and goals of each individual client. Our highly skilled technicians perform fluid checks, hose inspections, oil analysis, filter changes, lubrications, and much more. They work with our customers and maintain an appropriate schedule so that system disruption is minimized. At MAC Hydraulics, our technicians will help you keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently, with regular preventative maintenance that not only reduces the likelihood of breakdowns but helps the equipment to retain its value.

Quick Turnaround Time When Your Hydraulic Equipment Fails

MAC Hydraulics can also repair your hydraulic equipment in the event of a breakdown. Whether it’s a hydraulic motor that has developed a leak, a pump that isn’t operating efficiently, or something as simple as a leaking hose, our technicians will come to your site and perform the repairs. If necessary, your hydraulic components can be brought to our state-of-the-art facility that includes a full suite of testing and manufacturing equipment. That, combined with our large inventory of replacement parts, makes it possible for us to provide quick turnaround on repairs. We understand the need to minimize the downtime of our pulp and paper customers’ equipment, and we know that breakdowns don’t occur on a convenient schedule. That’s why we also offer emergency repairs.

Some of our customers have equipment that is no longer supported by the OEM, making replacement parts difficult to find. The craftsmen and technicians at MAC Hydraulics have both the knowledge and equipment to custom fabricate parts including cylinders, fittings, and valves. In addition, our technicians have experience with both older model equipment and the latest improvements in hydraulic design, making them an excellent asset for a company that owns a combination of old and new hydraulic systems. Contact us today for an evaluation of your hydraulic systems, for maintenance, or if you are in need of emergency repair services. We look forward to providing the best hydraulic repair services and keeping your equipment running at peak productivity.